Be a man, ride a pan!

License (to not) Thrill


As well as building brands, our Co-director Jim loves to build motorcycles. Recently he fell victim to what happens when a breakdown in communication occurs, and little customer interaction takes places. Now, Jim is a good sport and luckily found the funny side of his online ordeal, but we wanted to share his experience as mistakes like this can happen all too easily in any industry. We’re an agency that firmly believes in the value of client experience and the human touch. We work with clients every step of the way to ensure the results we produce are exactly what the client desires (and then some). 

What Jim asked for:

- A license plate with a black keyline border

- A watermark Honda logo in the centre of the plate

- The word ‘Thumper’ written in the slogan area 

What Jim received:

A happy ending…

Thankfully, after much unnecessary hassle, Jim was able to get his order corrected and will be back on the open road in no time.