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Brook Crompton Case Study

Brook Crompton

SFC - Stage 1

About Brook Crompton - keeping industry turning

Brook Crompton, the original innovator in electric motor production, is a leading provider of high efficiency electric motors. With over 100 years’ advanced engineering expertise, UK-based Brook Crompton delivers consistently reliable, energy efficient electric motors to a global industrial market.

Shift’s challenge

The challenge was to get this very technically minded team to redefine what it is about Brook Crompton’s heritage, long-standing market position and respected name that make them a ‘leader’. With little marketing activity for over 10 years, the company had concentrated its efforts on developing its worldwide network, focusing on developing its sales, worldwide distribution channels and customer relationships.

Shift’s objective:
Revitalising a worldwide brand

With the ultimate goal of increasing the company’s UK and international reach, and market penetration, the new brand platform also had to be designed to help with the internal team’s delivery of the brand and develop brand co-ordination.

Developing an up-to-date brand platform to allow the business to develop, grow and adapt to the changing global markets formed the focus for Shift Full Circle Stage 01.

The results allowed the development of values and personality that reflect Brook Crompton today, culminating in a whole new brand platform and identity, a structure for the product portfolio and recommendations for marketing activity to build and improve relationships with the company’s distributors.

Shift delivered:

  • SFC Brand Platform & Brand Book
  • Brand identity
  • Global website
  • Motor Centre Site
  • Database & Apps
  • Brochures
  • Advertising campaigns for digital and traditional media
  • Sales & exhibition collateral
  • Infographics