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SFC - Stages 1, 2 & 3

Client Testimonial

Shift full Circle (SFC) process was a great way of getting right down to and reminding everyone what the core of our business is all about, and helped us to clarify the direction we should be taking with future brand strategy. It brought the team together by asking lots of interesting and challenging questions and helped to solidify the identity of the business, what it means to our customers and where we should be aiming in future.

It motivated and excited our team to go through the process and has culminated in a fresh new look to our logo and a clear, solid and precise framework to help us work towards our long term goals. All in all a challenging and extremely worthwhile exercise to go through for any business.

Jo Theakston, Marketing and Sales Director.

About Black Sheep Brewery - Great Yorkshire Beers

Family-run Black Sheep Brewery in the Yorkshire Dales, made its name producing beers with real character and is famous for its passion for brewing and ambitious innovation. In the words of well-respected beer writer, Roger Protz, “Black Sheep Brewery is a modern day miracle.”

Shift’s challenge

The UK brewing industry is a highly competitive environment. Whilst developing the new identity, we had to be particularly mindful of the brand’s established, iconic branding and packaging, which has a loyal and passionate following. The real challenge was to make Black Sheep stand-out from the crowd.

Shift’s objective: Creating a brand platform for the next generation

With a rich heritage and the trend for products with provenance, the objective for this Shift Full Circle (SFC) was to develop a brand platform for marketing
this renowned independent UK brewery brand.

The team at Black Sheep wanted to use the Shift Full Circle process to aid the improvement of the brand’s awareness and market penetration, to identify new opportunities and advance the effectiveness of the marketing activity. 

Working closely with the Black Sheep team on Shift Full Circle Stage 01, 02 and 03, we explored Black Sheep’s family foundation, its market place and questioned the loyal consumer-base using Twitter, to discover how Black Sheep is different from other breweries; the results helped us to create a new brand identity that has been well received by the loyal followers.

One of our most exciting jobs for Black Sheep has been to create the design for a limited edition product line, Imperial Russian Stout, which was so successful, it’s back by popular demand!

Shift delivered

  • SFC Brand Platform & brand book
  • Brand identity, including 25 years brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising
  • New product identity
  • Sponsorship & advertising designs
  • Marketing communication planning tools