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SFC - Stage 1

Client Testimonial

The Shift Full Circle process, the new branding and the new website have been significant contributions to the overall development of our business. When we met Shift we only had a website landing page and a branding style that, although with important family and company heritage, did not truly reflect the company as it is now. Shift retained the essence of the family heritage and created a brand style that is uniquely E Park & Sons and one that positions the company as an authoritative and leading one. The SFC process gave us a brand platform and recommendations that are now integral elements of the brand’s activities.

Stephen Park, Managing Director

About E Park & Sons
Passionate about potatoes

E Park and Sons is passionate about potatoes. Established in 1924, the company has over 80 years’ experience in supplying Britain’s most loved vegetable to the nation. The company is one of the UK’s principal potato producers and packers, supplying supermarkets for over 50 years.

Shift’s challenge

With only a website landing page the whole Shift Full Circle process challenged the team to dig deep and find its roots. To ensure the company’s marketing succeeds in the fast-paced supermarket environment, the SFC 01 Results and Recommendations and the new branding had to deliver opportunities for the company.

Shift’s objective:
Developing a potato marketing strategy

Shift was chosen to create a new brand platform for E Park and Sons to form the basis for its marketing strategy going forward. Upon the completion of Shift Full Circle Stage 01, Shift’s first task was to re-design the brand identity in-line with the results of the SFC activity, which now reflects its position as a market leader with credibility, knowledge and passion. Shift has also developed the company’s first website. The website’s ‘thought leader’ structure has been created to confirm its position in this dynamic commodity sector.

One of the first successes was the launch of an own brand product range, for which Shift developed the enticing retail ready packaging.

Shift delivered

  • SFC Brand Platform & brand book
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing campaign
  • Brand Identity
  • Product range branding
  • CMS Website
  • POS
  • Packaging
  • Trade communications