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SFC Stage 1, 2 & 3

About TIR

The destination for all logistics training
As a leading provider of logistics training solutions, TIR has helped put countless businesses and individuals on the road to success.

At TIR, everything is geared towards delivering outstanding service and results for its customers, from large national businesses to individual learners who want to embark on a logistics career. 

Shift’s challenge

The expanse of TIR’s proposition was not clear to its customers. This coupled with a dated brand identity that simply didn’t reflect this ambitious and pioneering training organisation, meant awareness of the company’s capabilities was low.

With many firsts in the industry - one of the first to introduce simulator-based training to the UK- we needed to make their target customers aware of the company’s innovative nature. 

As they said themselves: We do not hold the position in our customers mind to that which we aspire.

Shift’s objective

Our objective was to develop an instantly recognisable brand that would ensure TIR became known as a major player within logistics training.

The aim was to deliver a brand communications platform that would achieve the TIR Marketing Plan’s objectives.

These involved increasing market share and becoming recognised as a market leader in simulator-based driver training.

Others included partnering with blue chip organisations, and delivering training in the European market. And finally, increasing apprenticeship participation levels and the quantity of commercially funded work.

Following the workshop, Shift delivered a joint internal cascade presentation to all staff, supporting the management team.

As a result, the company commissioned Shift Full Circle Stage 02 and Shift Full Circle Stage 03 to enable the development of the marketing and campaign planning.

Shift delivered

  • SFC Brand Platform & brand book
  • Website
  • Brand identity
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing planning
  • All staff cascade presentation
  • Brochures
  • Exhibition
  • Pos