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• Naming
• Brand Identity
Q8 Oils is part of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the world's largest oil companies. Operating in over 80 countries across the globe, they offer products and fuel-related services.

Before the implementation of our packaging concept, Q8 Oils products were
delivered in tin drums that both negatively impacted their environment and storage space. As we Live in an evergrowing conscious world of green issues, Q8 oils had the vision of distributing their products in recyclable cardboard and plastic materials resembling a winebox style and shape. This resulted in dramatically reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint while simultaneously offering up a more spacious workspace. Inspired by the cube shape, we took the ‘Q’ of Q8 Oils to create Qube and allow our client to take ownership of their brand identity with a modern and memorable twist.
Q8Oil OilQube

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